Monday, September 22, 2008

Proposed Career Change

I should have been a locksmith, apparently that's where the money is. I accidentally locked my keys in the car today with my cell phone at a gas station.

After leaving alast family's house today for work, I was heading to my last appointment of the day at 2:30, and I was actually on time. So I missed my exit and did a u-turn to get back on my intended route and stopped to get gas, less than a mile from the family's house. I decided to clean out my car while waiting on the gas to finish pumping. Apparently, my booty is bigger than I thought because I brushed the driver's side door with it on my way to the trash can. I heard the click and thought, oh no I didn't. Yep, I did. My keys and cell phone were in plain sight in the front seat.

Why doesn't a gas station have a phone book? They were not very helpful at all. I had to rely on complete strangers and their cell phones at the gas pumps to make many phone calls to my kid's family, my husband, my in-laws, and several locksmiths. I met a few characters and some nice guys during my 2.5 hour wait. I even helped one man secure a garage door repairman for some business, as they were both trying to get my door unlocked at the same time. Another very nice man, who worked very nearby, checked in on me THREE times while he was running errands. I did remember to call his work and ask them to relay the message that a locksmith finally came and to thank him again for me. I also got to use one of those new fancy iphones. I kept worrying though that there would be traces of my make-up and sweat on his screen. YUCK!

The entire time I kept thinking what an inconvenience for the family that was waiting on me. But, then I thanked God that I didn't have the kids with me and that it wasn't a hot day. There was actually a very nice breeze.

Of all things to worry about, I was afraid my 6 ounces of "liquid gold" in the front seat would get too hot in the little freezer pack and I would have to dump it when I got home. No worries afterall, it was cool as a cucumber.

So all that being said, I waited 2.5 hours for a locksmith that was supposed to be there in 30-45 minutes. It took him less than 60 seconds to unlock my door, and I had to pay him $85 for the initial call and labor. I'm in the wrong field.

Thanks to all the total strangers that let me use their phones or tried to jimmy my door open.

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